Have you ever been coaching someone, when…

It’s been a long time since I have written a blog post – I have been writing a book, and somehow the process has left me with less to say in blog posts. I think that’s coming to an end though, and I expect to see more here soon.

I decided to start back up with something amusing however. This one is dedicated to the coaches and therapists out there who spend time sitting with people discussing how they can move forward with the challenges they face and the opportunities available to them. I’m sure that in their private moments, all would admit to at some time having the feeling that the person they were speaking to just needed a slap and to be told to get on with it.

Now, I should note, just to be clear, that I am not advocating violence or slapping clients. It’s not something any of us would ever do!

This video, from a Native American comedian, who calls himself the ‘Slapping Medicine Man’ enacts something which engages those fantasies, and is hilarious as a result. Enjoy!

3:21 pm | by Pete_Hamill

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