Finding your voice

There is much written on the subject of finding our voice. It’s a critical element in leadership, but actually I believe it’s just critical for human beings, and at times one of the hardest lessons to learn. It’s easier to hide and be small rather than stick our heads above the parapet and be seen and heard. As is said in the martial arts, “If you put yourself on the mat, someone’s going to try and hit you.”

Developing the capacity to speak our truths, to be authentic, and take what comes, is a significant part of every leadership development programme I have ever run. It’s given buzz-words and organisationally acceptable terms, but really it’s just that – and often the benefits that people get from this extend far beyond their working lives.

Below I have included a talk from the website TED (if you haven’t been there you have to check it out!). It’s one of the most elequoent and beautiful pieces I have seen on the subject of finding voice and speaking truth, and it’s just a joy to watch. Enjoy!

Sarah Kay TED Talk

4:31 pm | by Pete_Hamill

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