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Where there’s a diverse range of people and opinions, there will always be conflict. The success of any organisation hinges not on trying to get rid of conflict, but instead on learning how to manage it better.  There’s only one organisation that I have worked with, where people had physical altercations in the office. That […]

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To develop into more connected, purposeful leaders, we need to become more attuned to our emotional and physical responses to difficult situations. ‘Is that the opposite of disembodied leadership?’ is a quip I sometimes get when I mention this concept. It’s meant as a joke, but the answer is yes – it is.  In James Joyce’s Dubliners, […]

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This is an article which I wrote for my publisher to help publicise my new book. I decided to make it available here as well as on their website.   How effective is leadership development? Some things to consider: Prior to the economic crash, many of the investment banks that indulged in dubious behaviours, were […]

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Many of the leadership development programmes that I am asked to take on have a theme of equipping managers to handle ambiguity and uncertainty. In today’s world where change and uncertainty are key themes, leaders are required who can remain calm and collected, who are able to think things through and come to reasoned responses. […]

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Why I hate Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) You’ve probably met them too. You reveal something about yourself as part of getting to know them, and they come back with some version of, “Oh, so you’re a P.” (Or J, I, T, F, E, N or S.) And in that moment they start to either tell […]

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