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The World Wide Web is 20 years old, I am informed, and in that time we have accumulated huge amounts of knowledge. At a moments notice, with the aid of Google, Wikipedia and Amazon, we can access vast quantities of information, pretty much immediately. The Encyclopaedia set that I grew up with in my parent’s […]

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Much has been made of the current ‘Occupy’ protests; Wall Street and the London Stock Exchange, (located at St Paul’s Cathedral) being two of the most prominent, although I have seen similar protests in a number of cities in different countries. These protests are often criticised for not having any clear focus, demands, proposals or […]

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Two great writers, Orwell and Huxley had different visions of the future expressed in their literature. This wondeful cartoon contrasts the two and suggests that Huxley may have been right. I am indebted to Ben Ramilingam (whose blog Aid on the Edge of Chaos is really worth a read) for bringing this to my attention. […]

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