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The days of national economies are basically gone. It’s debatable how controllable they ever were. We live in a world of interconnected financial systems, global trade and transnational corporations. Of course, no politician will readily admit that they have almost no control over the economy. And I’m talking about the national politicians of most countries. […]

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Much has been made of the current ‘Occupy’ protests; Wall Street and the London Stock Exchange, (located at St Paul’s Cathedral) being two of the most prominent, although I have seen similar protests in a number of cities in different countries. These protests are often criticised for not having any clear focus, demands, proposals or […]

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It’s tough to be a heroic leader, but you put anyone in a position of responsibility (management, for example), and they will start to feel responsible. They will experience the need to know the answers, understand what’s going on, and to be able to solve all the problems that come up within their world. Rationally […]

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