An invitation to my book launch

Invitation to my book launch

26th June, 6.30pm, RSA, London

For the last two years I have been writing my book, and I would like to invite you to come along and celebrate with me, its launch into the world. It will be an opportunity to hear more about the book, and the work that I am passionate about, as well as an opportunity to celebrate its completion and enjoy some Champagne!

The areas I explore and the conclusions I come to are that the ideas which currently seem common sense in this field, have limited value, and the ideas which do not appear to be common sense, are where we can make significant developments in our leadership. We live in a world with a series of corporate and public scandals, where commentators regularly decry the lack of leadership in our organisations and public lives, and where we face a series of significant global issues that we must address as a human society; that is, we live in a world which requires good leadership and where the traditional methods do not appear to be delivering it. Therefore a new and different approach, grounded in research and science, which looks beyond the common sense ideas which we have already tried, is, I believe, essential.

My work and the book are grounded in the Embodied Leadership and Somatic Coaching work of Strozzi Institute, which I have been studying and practising for over 10 years. It challenges our existing way of engaging in leadership development where we engage the rational mind with theories and models, and develop some self-awareness, and instead focuses on a new interpretation of what it is to take leadership and how we can cultivate this capacity in ourselves and others. The book explores research across the fields of neuroscience, leadership development, psychology, philosophy of the mind, organisational development and complexity sciences, ethics and moral philosophy, innovation and creativity, conflict, stress, behavioural economics, and probably one or two others I have omitted to mention, in order to show how we can truly develop as leaders.


“A thought provoking book that rattles through the physical and the metaphysical and provides a radical blueprint to reconnect us with our bodies and as a consequence enable us to become more effective in our everyday lives.  If you’ve struggled with business school leadership models and the endless leadership ‘how to’ books then this will provide a refreshing alternative.” 

Professor Chris Bones, Professor of Creativity & Leadership Manchester Business School, Dean Emeritus of the Henley Business School & winner of the UK’s Management Book of the Year 2012


“A thoroughly insightful and fresh perspective on leadership which makes a compelling case for a different approach.”

Melanie Richards, Partner, KPMG


“I really enjoyed this book. Pete Hamill offers a very fresh and momentous perspective on leadership as an embodied practice, rather than an innate capability. His work is grounded on some great research and weaves in some of the latest thinking around leadership, neuroscience and somatics in a very practical and engaging way.”

Paulo Pisano, EVP and Global People Director, Pearson International


For further endorsements see my book website.


Please do let me know if you’ll be able to attend, as spaces at the venue are limited, and also I need to know how much Champagne to order. Feel free to invite friends, or others who you know may be interested in this book, or to pass on the invitation to your networks – the more the merrier!

To register click through to the website, where you can also see more information about the book, download the first chapter and see some of the resources I have put together to enable further exploration of the subject.

The book is actually published on the 3rd June, although you can order it now on Amazon, so do bring along any copies that you’d like me to sign.

Thanks and I hope to see you there!
Pete Hamill

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