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Two great writers, Orwell and Huxley had different visions of the future expressed in their literature. This wondeful cartoon contrasts the two and suggests that Huxley may have been right. I am indebted to Ben Ramilingam (whose blog Aid on the Edge of Chaos is really worth a read) for bringing this to my attention. […]

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In my work, I meet a lot of coaches and consultants. I meet them both as professional peers and as participants in the programmes that I run. There is one thing however, which is a pattern I see in many, which is the tendency to compulsively coach. What I mean by this is that they […]

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A couple of weeks ago I went to see a play in Brighton Festival. I was invited by a friend and had no idea what it was about; I knew only its name: ‘And The Horse You Rode In on’. It turned out to be a fascinating mix of physical theatre, improvisation and scripted scenes, […]

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“What is this life, if full of care, We have no time to stand and stare” from “Leisure,” by W.H. Davies Have you ever really thought about just how much you miss? How much is happening, or going on around you, that you never even notice or really see? Like most of us, you’ll probably […]

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