I work as a consultant in the field of leadership and organisational development, and you can find out more about me on the ‘about‘ page and more about my book, Embodied Leadership on the ‘book‘ page. This website serves as a place to say a bit about who I am and what I do, but more importantly as a blog for exploring ideas, concepts, theories and other stuff that I find interesting.

At times it will be provocative, sometimes political when my interests stray into wider issues, occasionally humourous, but mostly, I hope, interesting. It’s a place for me to explore ideas and concepts and for others to respond. Please do respond, as this will make this a place of exploration and learning.

I make no commitment to consistency in my opinion in these pages – I’m not a politician, so I don’t need to. Also, responses to my posts, other reading and conversations I have may change my opinion. To paraphrase a quote I have seen attributed to Gandhi, “I am human, and I make mistakes. Therefore my commitment must be to truth as I see it at each moment and not to consistency.”

I have included a page of links and other interesting stuff which is a collections of blogs, websites, and books (which will evolve) which have interesting things to say.

I hope you enjoy!

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